Introduction to Fusion360 – Hexapod Modeling_by David Kaye



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This tutorial is designed to cater to people of all skill levels, whether you have prior modeling experience or if this is your first time using 3D software. It will start with the basics of Fusion360 and show how to apply those skills in a project to solidify learning, gradually growing more complex with each lesson to help beginners to catch up to more advanced users. For the project, we will build a Gough-Stewart Platform, better known as a “Hexapod” robot. We will cover everything from rigging-made-easy to exploded views and schematic drawings to realistic rendering in Keyshot with photoreal wear and tear, and finish up with final compositing and presentation. I cover tips for workflow efficiency and speed while keeping render times to a minimum, modeling practices to ensure realism in the final result, and how to make and organize reusable parts for your own kitbash libraries.

There is more than 10 hours worth of content split up into 6 chapters, which in turn are divided into smaller parts for easier viewing. Most of the footage is real-time with some time-lapse as some of the tasks get repetitive.

Proceeds made from this tutorial will go to the continuing vetinary care of my kittens, two of whom have had recurring infections and require expensive medical treatment. So not only would you be purchasing a tutorial with over 10 hours worth of video content, but you would be supporting a great cause as well!

You’ll get:

-19 video files in MP4 format (optimized for reasonable file sizes, most smaller than 100MB) -2 Model files (IGES and STEP formats) -2 Keyshot files -2 files of the final presentation (JPEG and PNG formats) -2 files of the technical schematic of the linear actuator (PDF and PNG formats; I show you how to make schematic drawings of the exploded view of your models within Fusion360)


You will get 29 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library.