Concept Masters Vol.1_By JROTools



In this tutorial Connor Sheehan will show you how he uses 3D to help him with his 2D concepting process using software such as Blender, Photoshop, Octane and Daz3D.

This tutorial is very useful for either 2D artists looking to add 3D to their concepting workflow or 3D artists looking to use their current 3D knowledge to easier get into concept art painting.

The main tutorial with commentary is at 200% speed divided into 4 chapters with a total of 7 hours and 58 min of content, there is also a introduction tutorial for each software that is used where Connor goes through his techniques and workflow in real time making it easier to follow the main tutorial, a good watch for beginners or if you are new to any of the software.

As a bonus all chapters at normal speed is also included in case there is something you want to take a closer look at.

Connor Painted the same concept in two angles and the second painting video is also included.

Tools and Brushes for photoshop that Connor use for this painting are also included or available for free by link.


Software Introduction Tutorials

Blender introduction (19m)
Photoshop introduction (26m)
Octane introduction (15m)
Daz3D introduction (5m)

Main Tutorial

Chapter 1 – Sketching (11m)
Chapter 2 – Whiteboxing (37m)
Chapter 3 – Modeling (2h 30m)
Chapter 4 – Painting (4h 40m)

Bonus Videos

Second angle painting video (4h 30m)
All Chapters unedited (15h)

Bonus Files

Photoshop Brushes
Photoshop Tools


Software that was used in these tutorials.

– Blender 2.79
– Photoshop cc
– Octane 4
– Daz3D 4.10

License Info

Please buy one license per viewer or user, or buy a educational/company license for unlimited viewers in one company/school or event location. Good for schools to use as extra learning material for it’s students, company workshops or public viewings.

License Types

Single User License – this license is for one person only you can use/watch it on multiple devices but only one person should have access to it.

Educational/Company License (Unlimited) – Unlimited number of viewers/users at one school/company or event location.


– Pay $9 or what you think it`s worth.
– If you are buying this day one the unedited bonus videos of chapter 4 might be missing due to file size and upload time, please come back in a couple of hours or when you need them.


Connor Sheehan

Editing & Presentation
Jonas Ronnegard

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