THE US-DANCING TANDEM DANCE FBX/BVH Pak_By Truebones Motions Animation Studios



NEW US-DANCING FBX/BVH Pak is 2 people Male/Female Tandem DANCING Motion Captures. These are the motions you have always asked for and you just cant get them anywhere else. The NEW US-Dancing Pak .BVH works in all major 3-D animation programs like: POSER, Daz3D Gen 1 and 2, 3DSMAX BIPED, and if you are a GAME DEVELOPER, also included are .FBX thats ready for game engines like Unity3D and Unreal Engine.

What makes Truebones .FBX and .BVH so special????

Truebones takes time and care to Pre-RETARGET, Characterize and remove all namespaces, also to include and place a t-pose at the top of every .FBX file.

Truebones also takes great time and care in preparing .BVH so that it is named properly for search, correctly t-posed and resampled to the correct (fps) speed, This simply makes animators jobs easier because Truebones has removed all the pain and pitfalls of mocap for you.

Our competition simply does not care about any of that ….

Normally the NEW US-Dancing Pak in FBX and BVH format will retail at $199.00


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