Checkerboards 02 – Custom Gems + V-Ray Materials_by Derik A. J.



Checkerboards 02

Custom Cut Colored Gemstones + Custom V-Ray Materials

  • Real World Cuts & Real World Materials Means Real-World Performance in Your 3D Creations
  • 10 Custom Cut Virtual Gemstones — real world cuts designed for real material reflective index ranges. These are real world cuts (I am a gem cutter as well as a graphic/3D designer)—if you design jewelry for real life, or the virtual worlds, these gemstones and materials are what you need to add real colored gemstones to your creations
  • NURBS Based Geometry in the Supplied Rhino Files (Rhino versions 5 & 6 included)
  • Polygon Mesh Geometry in OBJ files — OBJ mesh geometry was created from the Rhino NURBS originals and utilize the least number of polygons necessary to generate the gemstone’s facet shapes
  • 60+ Custom VRay Next Gemstone Materials — the specific optical properties for real world materials have been researched and incorporated into materials for quartz varieties (amethyst, citrine, rose de France, smokey quartz, praisolite, rock crystal, rose quartz), beryl varieties (aquamarine, emerald, morganite, green beryl, heliodore), topaz varieties (imperial pink, imperial orange, imperial red, imperial yellow, london blue, sky blue, swiss blue ), tourmaline varieties (indicolite, rubelite, green, paraiba), garnet varieties (pyrope, almandite, spessartite, demantoid), cubic zirconia; as I refine, adjust and add new materials I will be periodically posting updated materials to each collection
  • Includes Cut/Material Reference Chart — chart shows the range of materials for each cut


  • Scaling/resizing: ALWAYS USE UNIFORM SCALE when resizing a custom cut virtual gem — each virtual gemstone has been optically designed for a specific primary material and range of secondary materials — that optical performance only occurs when the facet angles are aligned correctly so to avoid loss of optical performance always use uniform scale

Size, Color and Optical Performance Guidelines: – Gemstone materials get their color primarily from the refraction fog color if you need to lighten or darken a custom cut virtual gemstone adjust the fog color and fog multiplier settings in the refraction section of the material (see the V-Ray Next manual for a complete description of how to make adjustments to the custom gemstone materials. – The same material will appear darker on larger stones, and lighter on smaller stones due to the amount of material the light rays have to travel through. If you have applied a material to a custom cut virtual gemstone and it appears too dark adjust the using a lighter colored version of the same gemstone. – In general, gemstones with a small number of facets, (the flat, highly-polished ‘mirror’ panels that cover the surface of the gemstone), are cut at smaller sizes, and gemstones with a high number of facets are typically cut larger (in the real world the smallest working size for facets is around 1 mm anything smaller is hard to do by hand. So if you want your gemstones to look realistic in your 3D creations, keep the relative sizes correct.

You will get 4 files

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