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Check out the brand new [MMD] to .FBX converter. Features new easy to use drag and drop conversion of any .PMD/.PMX Character File with Face Morphs and or VMD motion data file. to FBX!. What this means is HUGE!, When you realize that you can now MIX and Match any PMD/PMX file with any .VMD Motion File, That literally means MILLIONS of animation combinations and possibility. You can also use this to make Multiple Animation Take Files. (ie MOTION PAKS are back.) Just search MMD download on Youtube to see what I mean… THIS IS RAW ANIMATION POWER! BROUGHT TO YOU ONLY FROM TRUEBONES. Now Users of Unity3d, Unreal Engines, Maya, MotionBuilder MAx, Lightwave, Blender, C4D, Poser, Daz3D Etc… can animate any one of the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of MMD MOTIONS out there. All in your Favorite 3-d animation program. DONT FORGET to sub us and share this around, Thanks

Pt 2, Check out the power of NEW [MMD] to .FBX DRAG AND DROP. ANIMATION RE-DEFINED. its simple, Find your Models and then Find your Motions, Drag and Drop means Millions of combinations are now possible. ALSO YOU CAN NOW MAKE MULTIPLE MOTION PAKS ANIMATIONS. never before possible, this program redefines the impossibilities of Animation, BEHOLD THE POWER OF DRAG AND DROP. Please Like and Share with all your constituents. FOLLOW THE LEADER!

New just updated with a sample character and xml file that converts the conversions to english.

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