MARI Extension Pack 5_By Texturing Tools & Collections



About MARI Extension Pack

MARI Extension Pack is the industry standard plugin for MARI. With more than 8 years of history and being used in all major VFX houses around the world.

Key Features include:

  • 100s of new Features and Improvements
  • 125 new Procedural Nodes
  • 42 new Adjustment Nodes
  • 56 new Function Nodes
  • 109 Tool Additions
  • Smart Masks with 65 Presets included
  • Pattern Engine to create endless procedural patterns and textures
  • 558 Pattern Engine Presets
  • Marking Menus and Hotboxes
  • Workflow enhancements for managing layers, channels and projects
  • many Nodegraph Quality of Life Improvements
  • Complete Online Help (optionally offline) & hours of free Tutorials
  • Commercial Use on single or unlimited MARI seats

    Extension Pack 5 Highlights

    Smart Masks – simply drag and drop into your project to create procedural wear and tear !

  • Pattern Engine to create endless procedural patterns and textures
  • 100s of procedural Presets for Smart Masks and Pattern Engine
  • Fully customizable Hotbox and Marking Menu System
  • New procedurals and adjustments
  • Visual Code Creation and Creation of ‘Function Graphs’ using the new Function Node Library
  • UI and UX improvements
  • and much more…


  • minimum Mari 4.1v2 or higher
  • recommended Mari 4.5v1 or higher
  • Non-Commerical version is not supported

Who uses it ?

Extension Pack has been in use for 5+ years in many major studios around the world


Indie License

The Indie License is suitable for individual users with an annual revenue of less than 90.000 Euros (~99.000 USD). It can be used commercially by a single user.

Updates within the Life Cycle of Version 5 will be free (guaranteed till 2022)

Freelance License

Freelance Licenses are useful for freelancers and small businesses with a Revenue between 90.000 Euros (~99.000 USD) and 1 Million Euros..

You can purchase multiple licenses for the amount of artists you have at your company

Updates within the Life Cycle of Version 5 will be free (guaranteed till 2022)

Small Business License Bundle

The Small Business Bundle is a Bundle of 10 Licenses suitable for small Studios with a maximum Revenue of up to 25 Million EUR (~27.5 Million USD)

Updates within the Life Cycle of Version 5 will be free (guaranteed till 2022)

Local Site License

Site Licenses are for big studios with multiple artists. They allow for an unlimited amount of artists to use Extension Pack within one geographical location of your studio. A site license is valid for all locations within a ZIP code.

If you have multiple studios in different locations you will be required to purchase one site license per studio location.

Updates within the Life Cycle of Version 5 will be free (guaranteed till 2022)

Site license customers receive priority in Bug fixing and fulfilling feature requests.

Custom Licenses

If you are a company or university with specific license needs that you feel is not covered here, please contact me 

Trial Licenses

Trial licenses can be given to companies. Please contact me for more information


The end user license agreement can be reviewed here

Upgrading from Extension Pack 4

Customers of MARI Extension Pack 4 are eligible for a discount and should have received an Upgrade Email after Release.

If you are missing or can’t find your Upgrade Email please contact me with your registered Email Address and Name.


Please refer to the help files for installation help.

What Downloads you get


This is the Main Mari Extension Pack


Bake Presets for the in-Mari Modo Baker

VAT & Checkout

Gumroad processes all transactions in United States Dollars. That means your items are displayed in EUR, but ultimately you are charged the equivalent cost in USD. Gumroad uses real-time exchange rates to convert purchases to USD for processing.

On checkout VAT may be added to the fee automatically as required by EU Law.

If you are exempt from VAT you can refund it yourself here


  • Will my old projects work if I upgrade EP Versions ? 

If you have been using Extension Pack Nodes in your Projects you will see a ‘Convert Project’ Dialog on Project Launch. It is recommended to press ‘Convert’ in order to upgrade used nodes to the latest version

  • Will I receive free updates if I purchase ? 

Updates released for Mari Extension Pack 5.x are free. You can expect both bugfix and feature updates until 2022

Mari Extension Pack 4 customers received a total of 17 free releases in the past for example.

  • I have already purchased but want to upgrade my license to another one

Please contact me and I will email you upgrade instructions so your already paid amount is fully offset from the Pro License

  • Do I need internet connection to run Extension Pack

Yes and No. In general Extension Pack requires an internet connection however that requirement can be waived for companies (only companies). Please contact me after purchase and I can deactivate the requirement.

  • Do you offer trial licenses ? 

Yes, trial licenses can be given to Companies (only companies). Please contact me directly.

€59 – Indie

Suitable for Hobbyists and Indies with a revenue below 90k €

€99 – Freelance

Suitable for freelancers and micro studios with a revenue up to 1 Million €

€1,300 – Small Business Bundle

10 Licenses for a studio with up to 25M € revenue

€2,500 – Local Studio Site License

A Local Site License provides unlimited, geo locked Licenses covering a Studio Location (no revenue limit) within a single ZIP Code

€1,500 – Educational Site License

Floating Licenses to cover a University, College or School Campus

€10,000 – Worlwide Site License

Floating Licenses covering multiple Studio Locations under a single Brand

€10,000 – Custom License Model

For custom license needs please contact me directly. Contact information can be found further down on this page

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