Low Poly Monster Cartoon Collection 01 – Animated_by vr-tech



Monster Cartoon Collection 01: 1/ Low Poly Scorpion Monster 01 3D Model – Animated Polygons: 722 Vertices: 391

Basic Animations: Walk, Run, Hit, Attack, Standby.

2/ Low Poly Monster 02 3D Model – Animated Polygons: 2,700 Vertices: 1,400

Basic Animations: Walk, Hit, Attack, Prepare for battle…

3/ Low Poly Monster 03 3D Model – Animated Polygons: 2,100 Vertices: 1,200

Basic Animations: Walk, Run, Attack 1 – 2, Prepare for battle, standby…

4/ Low Poly Monster 04 3D Model – Animated Polygons: 1600 Vertices: 891

Basic Animations: Walk, Run, Attack 1 – 2, Prepare for battle, standby…

5/ Low Poly Ice Monster 05 3D Model – Animated Polygons: 888 Vertices: 461

Basic Animations: Jump, Run, Attack 1 – 2, Prepare for battle, standby…

6/ Low Poly Dragon Monster 06 3D Model – Animated Polygons: 2100 Vertices: 1200

Basic Animations: Hit, Attack, Run, Walk, Idle.

7/ Low Poly Bird Monster 07 3D Model – Animated Polygons: 2900 Vertices: 1900

Basic Animations: Attack 1 -2, ,Run, Skills, Standby, Prepare for battle.

8/ Low Poly Mammal Monster 08 3D Model – Animated Polygons: 1700 Vertices: 911

Basic Animations: Attack 1 -2, ,Run, Walk, Skills, Standby, Prepare for battle.

9/ Low Poly Bird Monster 09 3D Model – Animated Polygons: 1500 Vertices: 899

Basic Animations: Attack, Fly, Skills, Prepare for battle.

10/ Low Poly Monster 10 3D Model – Animated Polygons: 3300 Vertices: 1700

Basic Animations: Attack 1-2, Walk, Run, Standby, Prepare for battle.

Texture description:

Only map: Diffuse. Resolution: 1024 * 1024

Format description:

Original model created by 3dsmax. Additional formats include Maya, FBX (you can import directly into the project immediately), obj, 3ds

If there is a need for any type of model, send a message! We will provide. Thanks for your interest and love!


  • Formats                                                   MAX, 3DS, FBX
  • Polygons                                                  2000
  • Vertices                                                    2000
  • Animated                                                 Yes
  • Materials                                                  Yes
  • Textures                                                   Yes
  • Rigged                                                       Yes
  • UVs                                                            Yes
  • 3D Print Ready                                         No

You will get 5 files

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