INK• for CSP: 41 Sub-Tools for Inking_by Eldar Zakirov




41 Sub Tools with settings for Inking

(38 Pen Sub-tools with settings + 3 splash/blot brushes identic to the “SPLASHES” Brush set)

+ Auto Action for 100% black

This set allows reaching the effects of drawing and writing with real instruments filled by ink. I sincerely hope that this product will be so useful for you, as it’s useful for me when I’m using this by working on my graphic or calligraphic arts.

The Sub Tools were tested in CSP versions 1.6.2, 1.6.3 and Manga Studio 5, so all higher (newer) versions surely accept these sub tools.

When I started working on a number of graphic illustrations in Clip Studio Paint, I needed to transfer into CSP all “INK.” brushes I made during about two years of work earlier for Photoshop. You know that CSP and Photoshop are pretty different software with rather dissimilar settings, but finally, during work on a number of new graphic art pieces I reached my goal and got the sub tools for CSP those work similarly and maybe even better than I made for Photoshop previously.

• You will receive:

• 1. 41 sub tools saved in ZIP-archive “INK. Sub Tools”, each one is saved as one of 41 SUT-file titled as “INK. <##-NAME>©.sut”;

• 2. DEHALFTONIZER Auto Action, in two options: common DEHALFTONIZER, Hard INK Drawing.laf and option for old versions (Manga Studio) — DEHALFTONIZER, Hard INK Drawing-for Manga Studio.laf.

• 3. INK. for CSP, Documentation, Manual & FAQs.pdf. User’s short manual in PDF format, with basic documentation and frequently asked questions.

• 4. STROKECHART of INK. Sub tools.jpg. The hi-resolution (4568 × 2695 px) list image of Set’s brushes with their titles and examples of their stroke/trail. Subdivided by color into:

  • Sharp Nibs — 10 brushes;
  • Brushes simulating the work of side surface of ruling pen or cola pen — 9 brushes;
  • Brushes with different length and hardness of hair, humidity and action area — 14 brushes;
  • Spray brushes — 5 brushes;
  • Bonus Blot & Splash brushes — 3 brushes; Totally: 41 brushes with settings.

• Some of the art made with INK.>>>>

P.S. All brushes were created, tested and improved in real work.

You will get 5 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library.

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