HyperTrees Bark – Pinewood (4K Starter Edition)_By Vertex Library




Pinewood is our first set of Bark textures in the HyperTrees range. We scanned multiple pine trees of the same species to offer you a matching collection of 3 bark texture sets.

Each bark texture is seamless and designed to tile perfectly across our upcoming range of modular tree assets. With textures up to 16K you can also transform you existing tree models and add a new level of realism to your work.

Starter Edition

Pinewood is available in four editions. The Starter Edition includes three 4K bark texture sets for small projects. It is best suited for hobbyists and independent freelancers.

What’s Included

  • 3 Bark Texture Sets
  • 4K PBR Texture Maps (JPEG & EXR)
  • 32-bit Displacement (EXR)

Key Features

Seamless Detail

We developed our scanning technology from the ground up to natively create seamless tiling textures at resolutions of 16K and beyond.

Processing our textures at such high resolutions not only gives more detail at the largest size, but also drastically improves the quality of our down-scaled 8K and 4K textures.

32-bit Raw and Normalised Displacement

Our displacement textures are created from incredibly detailed high-poly scans averaging above 100 million polys each.

Each texture set comes with a standard Displacement map that is normalised to the 0-to-1 range and is suitable for both offline and real-time PBR.

We also include a secondary Raw Displacement map that is not normalised/compressed and represents the full range of height data.

Raw Scan Data

The Complete and Studio editions are bundled with the raw scan data for each bark set. This includes a 10 million poly scan mesh (OBJ) and a 16K texture mosaic (EXR).

PBR Textures

HyperTrees include texture maps for both Metalness-Roughness and Specular-Glossiness PBR shading workflows.

License Details

The Starter Edition License is a single-seat commercial license for individuals such as freelancers and independent artists. The content can be incorporated into commercial media such as games, movies, advertising, archviz or similar.

The content cannot be included in any asset pack or commercially resold in any form, such as on a resource or asset marketplace. The full terms and conditions of use are in the End User License Agreement.

End User License Agreement: Download

By purchasing and using this product from Vertex Library you agree to the full terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement (EULA) linked above and agree that Vertex Library owns all legal rights, title and interest in the product and that the EULA is a license agreement that governs your use of the product and is not an agreement of sale.

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