High-Elf Fantasy Environment_by Wolven Digital



This is a standalone version, with no maps or shaders. With that said, it contains every .PNG and .FBX necessary to develop a full project.

For the Unreal Engine version, go to the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

The High-Elf Architecture pack contains everything you need to focus on the beloved style of the majestic Elves. The package includes architectural modules for interior/exterior environment, plus goodies like furniture, vertex-paintable materials, and canvases for 3D artists who wishes to create their own modules.

Meshes (.FBX):

There are 248 meshes in this pack, with 3 of these being Master FBX containing the original building meshes.

  • The largest mesh has a triangle count of 124 672. The mesh measures 8x8x12m – it’s one of the meshes used for the very large cathedral roof, in case you wish to create an intersection.
  • Only two meshes are beyond the 100k triangles threshold, the other being the half-circle platform with fence meshes over it.
  • Every other meshes (244 meshes total) are below 70k.
  • Of those meshes, 9 are between 70k and 50k;
  • 22 are between 50k and 30k;
  • 16 are between 30k and 20k;
  • 21 are between 20k and 10k;
  • 174 are below 10k;
  • There are 48 low-poly models that are duplicates from the original pack, with a unique trim sheet, which are all obviously below 10k triangles per assets. In addition, if you do not plan to integrate a vertex paint system on the low-poly shader, the assets could easily be optimised further by removing painting vertexes.

Textures (.PNG):

There are 102 textures included with the following resolution:

  • 22 – 4096×4096
  • 55 – 2048×2048
  • 13 – 1024×1024
  • 1 – 2048×512
  • 4 – 2048×512
  • 5 – 16×16

There are also two Photoshop files dedicated to the rooftiles, in case you wish to easily make a custom color without having to deal with Shaders in-engine.

Total Weight once unpacked: 1.56Gb Note: Pictures taken from the Unreal Engine version.


  • Formats                                                FBX
  • Polygons                                              N/A, read description
  • Vertices                                                N/A, read description
  • Animated                                             No
  • Materials                                              No
  • Textures                                               Yes
  • Rigged                                                  No
  • UVs                                                       Yes
  • 3D Print Ready                                    No

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library.

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