Ue4 Realistic Mini Zoo Pack_by Animaztudio



Realistic Horse 5k triangles, include 2LODS, LOD1 3k triangles LOD2 2k Triangles PBR Material 4 color Variations 7 Animations Run / RunStop / Walk / WalkBack / Idle1 / Idle2 / Rearing

Realistic Rhino 4.8k triangles Include 2 LODs , LOD1 2.9k triangles LOD2 1.4k triangles PBR Material 3 color variations 5 Animations; Run / Walk / Idle1 / Idle2 / Atk_1

Realistic Elephant 6k triangles Include 2 LODS , LOD1 3.6k triangles, LOD2 2.2k triangles PBR Material 3 Variations. 5 Animations; Run / Walk / Idle1 / Idle2 / Atk_1

Realistic Crocodile for UE4 6k triangles, Include 2 LODs LOD1 3.5k triangles LOD2 2.4k triangles PBR Material 2 Variations. 6 animations; Run / Walk / Idle1 / Idle2 / Atk1 / Atk2

Realistic Eagle for UE4 3k triangles, Include 2 LODS 1LOD 1.8k triangles LOD2 1.2k triangles PBR Material 3 Color Variation 5 Animations Fly / Slow Fly / Idle1 / Idle2 / Idle_land to fly

unzip in your content folder.


  • Formats                                                UASSET
  • Polygons                                               2k to 6k
  • Vertices                                                 0
  • Animated                                              Yes
  • Materials                                               Yes
  • Textures                                                Yes
  • Rigged                                                    Yes
  • UVs                                                         Yes
  • 3D Print Ready                                      No

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