The ProBones 10,000+ FBX/BVH Complete MOCAP Studio_By Truebones Motions Animation Studios



TrueBones Motions Animation Studio’s is Proud to Present,

“Pro-Bones Motions 10,000 FBX/BVH Mocap Studio.”

The Largest Single Motion Capture Collection in the World!

Now Features: Fast, Fun and easy to use .FBX, helps you create spectacular animation sequences. Especially Great for Machinima or Movie Makers.

A Huge variety of motions included, Get the motions you’ve always wanted,

Hours of endless entertainment. Great for professionals and beginners.

Tons of pre-rigged and ready character avatars from Truebones.

Skeletal definitions allows fast bulk motion transfer to all Major 3D Programs.

Easy to follow and comprehensive start up tutorials on You-Tube.

*All Motions are now in FBX and BVH format.
*Over 10,000 professional high quality .BVH/FBX motions.

*Cross compatible skeletal structured definitions.

*25 FREE professional Prerigged and characterized, FBX avatars.

*T-Pose Rigging Skeletons and MNM file for 3DMax.

*Natively Poser and SecondLife compatible.

*Exclusive Motion Paks for Daz3D and Iclone Users.
*Ability to instantly convert all motions to Daz3D or 3DMax
*Fbx Motions work great in Unitys Mecanim and Unreal Engine.

ATTENTION NEW NOW includes i_Motions or EYEBONES for i-Clone 7.2

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