Matte Painting/Photobash Pack – Buildings, Oriental Architecture, Museum Collectibles – China & Doha (76 IMAGES)_By Travis Davids



Thank you for downloading my stock pack (78 IMAGES). Feel free to use these images for commercial or non-commercial work. It was my recent trip to China & Doha.

It includes some buildings, unique oriental architecture, collectibles from a museum, patterns and clothing from the Tibetan era and other items that could come in handy for matte painting/photo-bashing, light/color reference and texturing. Maybe you could use some of the images to create your own photoshop texture brushes or tileable textures for 3D work.

These are raw untouched images. Nearly every image has a resolution of 5184×3456.

I really wanted to give something back to the community. Maybe somebody can find these useful.

Have fun!

Single Person Use License Agreement:

This license allows you to incorporate purchased photos into your own concept designs, including for use for commercial projects. This is NOT an agreement of ownership. This license is non-transferable. If you do not agree to the terms, you are not permitted to use photos. Purchasing the photos doesn’t allow to resell them unaltered ‘as is’ to any 3rd party without incorporating them into your own unique designs/images.

You may not rent, lease, sublicense, distribute, lend nor transfer photos ‘as is’ in their original unaltered form without prior written consent from Travis Davids.

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