Intro to ZBrush Part 3_by Michael P.



For updated Intro to ZBrush content (2020 and beyond), check out the ZBrush for Ideation course. This video will explain the difference between the two products:  But long story short, the Ideation series will be updated with new releases, these, while still containing relevant techniques and tools, will not. Also, many of your Intro needs may be covered by this free playlist from the Ideation series and the free content in my other playlists.

The final chapter in ZBrush fundamentals is here, weighing in at over seven and a half hours of instruction and 67 videos! There’s a huge range of topics covered in this part, from alpha brush creation, panel loops, ZModeler, polypainting, materials, textures, lighting, cameras, compositing, UVs, surface noise, layers, micro, nano, array, fiber mesh, and more, if you can believe it!

And just like the first two parts, we’ll wrap it up with some bonus videos covering the creation of the cover art for this section, utilizing everything we’ve learned up to this point. Sign in and become a ZBrush power user today!

04:59 Part 3 Intro 05:13 Sculpt Refine 00:52 Move Accu 08:19 Creating Custom Alphas 02:13 Custom Alpha Brush 07:30 Custom Alpha Midvalue 03:29 Limitations of Alphas 08:37 Slicing and Groups Loops 08:19 Panel Loop Basics 02:48 Moving Panels 02:40 Panel Loop Pads 04:42 Panel Loop Frame Mesh 03:50 Panel Loop Recap 04:20 ZModeler Discussion 06:31 Intro to ZModeler 08:19 ZModeler Base Functionality 07:24 ZModeler Dynamic Subd and Crease 08:02 ZModeler Bevels 08:02 ZModeler More Functionality 08:21 ZModeler Example 13:44 ZModeler Wrapup 07:05 Polypaint Colorize 06:12 Polypaint Resolution 07:09 Polypaint Strokes 07:53 Quicksketch 08:49 Material Basics 08:30 Texture And Material Painting 04:31 Lighting Basics 04:53 Imaged Based Lighting 06:24 Lightcap 01:43 Keyshot IBL 05:34 Saving Camera Views 10:42 Render Passes 09:57 Photoshop Compositing 08:25 Light Reflection And Lens Blur 05:39 Spotlight Texturing 05:14 Spotlight Functionality 06:41 Spotlight Reference Modeling 02:52 Spotlight Brush Settings 09:29 Fibermesh Basics 07:58 Multiple Fibermesh and Lightbox 08:23 More Fibermesh Options 09:20 UV Master 03:47 Baking Maps 08:36 Surface Noise 07:26 Noise Maker 06:30 Micromesh 05:47 Nanomesh Basics 06:45 Nanomesh Options 05:32 Layers 01:35 Saving Masks 08:09 Turntable Movies 09:16 Document Tiling 07:03 Projection Master 09:11 Transpose Master 08:00 Array Mesh Basics 08:37 Array Mesh Examples 07:03 Match Maker and Brush Projection 08:12 Dynamesh Slicing Practice 08:16 Dynamesh Slicing Advanced 03:30 Transpose Camera and Backtrack 04:24 Transpose Center 06:01 Dynamesh Shell Thickness 11:51 Bonus Armor Blockout 11:34 Bonus Armor Refine Part 1 11:01 Bonus Armor Refine Part 2 11:11 Bonus Armor Marketing

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