BUNDLE: Spaceship Image Pack 001 + 2hr Tutorial_by Novae Caelum




Spaceship Stock Image Pack 001

Spaceship Photobash Tutorial


This is a pack of 44 custom-designed spaceship stock images, along with a 2 hour in-depth tutorial on how to use these images to make a finished, cinematic illustration for a book cover.

These are great for use on book covers, as foreground or background elements in matte paintings, quick elements for concept art, photobashed onto other elements, etc. While these images can be used in your photo-manipulations and paintings as-is, the ship model is non-textured except for basic materials. I wanted this to be a base for highly customizing your own ships, and it will work best when used as a base for photobashing and overpainting (which is covered in detail in the tutorial videos).

Images are from a single spaceship model, rendered in two different color schemes in different lighting and angles. Images come in two 22-image packs: one with yellow and blue cinematic lighting, one with black and red neutral lighting so you can add your own lighting schemes. All images are fully masked, and come as both PNG and PSDs–the PSDs have an extra clown-pass masking layer to one-click mask out individual parts of each ship. The spaceship was modeled by me in Zbrush and rendered in Keyshot.

In the tutorial videos, I’ll take one of the spaceship images and walk you through my process of masking out different areas with the clown pass layer to quickly change color, photobashing textures, adding lighting and effects, and overall end processing to get a cinematic result. This tutorial is aimed at intermediate level photoshop users, though I did my best to drop enough basics that beginning users can follow along, too!

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